HLHS Publications

Limited numbers of the following HLHS booklets are available priced from £1 each.

They can be obtained by contacting:
Michael Smith, 14 Whitchurch Avenue, Exeter, Devon, EX2 5NU.
Telephone: 01392 661244. Email:

Cheques should be made payable to "Heavitree Local History Society".
Please include an A5 stamped, addressed envelope with your payment.

Other Publications

The HLHS has in addition been notified of the following publications:

Retailing in Fore Street, Heavitree 1851-1999

Den Perrin
(1999; 19 pages; £1:00)

The booklet is a fascinating insight into how retailing has changed in the past 150 years or so in a typical high street.

Traders are listed by name, location and trade for the years 1851, 1901, 1939, 1969 and 1999.

Information has been gleaned from trader's directories and local census returns.

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Heavitree Roll of Honour

Den Perrin
(2002; 58 pages; £1:00)

Many thousands of men and boys gave their lives for King and Country in the First World War (aka The Great War). The citizens of Heavitree were of course no exception. A great number perished in atrocious conditions leaving family and loved ones in their wake.

This book is a alphabetical listing of, and a lasting memorial to, those from the locality who died on the battlefield. It lists a) rank and unit at time of death; b) date and age at time of death; c) location and cause of death; d) where the body is buried or commemorated; e) name and address of next of kin. Appendices list the various cemeteries and memorials, the military units, and medals for bravery.

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Heavitree School: Parochial to Primary 1835-2007

Den Perrin
(2007; 14 pages; £1:00)

The booklet gives a detailed history of education in the Heavitree area from 1835, but also outlines evidence of schooling in the area from as early as 1517.

There are several photographs of the School and it's pupils of various years, along with extracts from the School Log.

In addition, the booklet lists headteachers of the School, and names of former pupils who lost their lives in the First and Second World Wars.

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Heavitree Parish Boundary Stones: A Guided Walk

Terry Bound + Den Perrin
(2007; 7 pages; £1:00)

The booklet contains details of the Heavitree Parish Boundary, along with locations of the boundary stones that are still in existence. It goes on to explain the origin of the phrase "beating the bounds".

There is a detailed outline of a walk that can be undertaken to follow as nearly as possible the Heavitree Parish Boundary. This walk takes place within the HLHS every three years or so.

Coloured photographs of the boundary stones augment the narrative.

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Expanding Heavitree: The story of Regent Square & John J F Ellis

Sally Robinson
(2019; 60 pages; £2:00 excluding p&p)

A wonderful insight into the life and work of John J F Ellis - builder of Regent Square, and the physical + social history of the Square, by former resident Sally Robinson.

The booklet contains a plethora of images, in both monochrome + full colour, illustrating the family and work life of JJF Ellis, both his rise and fall. It details the changes in the vicinity of the Square around the time of its construction, and gives a complete listing of the first residents from the 1887 census.

There is insight into the often colourful lives of those that live or have lived in the Square, the community that exists, and how it has changed over the years. Finally, there is an amazingly detailed history of one particular property in the Square and its occupants - number 48 - the former home of the author.

The publication is well worth the price given the amount of research that has gone into it.

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The Toll-Houses of South Devon

Tim Jenkinson + Patrick Taylor
(2014; 122 pages; £8:95 including p&p)

Part of a nationwide series on toll-houses

The book contains photographs and accounts of all known surviving toll-houses in South Devon, mostly built in the 19th Century turnpike era of road management, along with descriptions of those now demolished; the Heavitree area of Exeter receives very good coverage.

Numerous archive photographs complement the comprehensive gazetteer of toll-house sites.

There are also details of some of the occupants of the houses gleaned from the mid to late 19th Century Census returns.

Books can be ordered directly from: Mr T Jenkinson, 17 Monro Mead, Liverton, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6UL. Telephone 01626 824808. Cheques made payable to “T Jenkinson” please.

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Legends of Exeter Sport

Rob Jennings-May
(2017; £19:99)

A really interesting book, looking into the foundations of Exeter City Football Club, Exeter Chiefs and Exeter Falcons.

The book celebrates the greatest sportspersons born in the city or to have represented Exeter clubs across history, and includes a section on Clifford Bastin, the footballer born in Heavitree who went on to play for Exeter City, Arsenal and England.

To order your copy, please email Rob on or leave a message on 07474 908971.

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