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Heavitree is a suburb of the city of Exeter in Devon in the south-west of the United Kingdom.

In common with many other urban areas, on the face of it Heavitree appears to be nothing special - an ordinary main street, with ordinary shops and businesses, a busy area often clogged with traffic and parked cars. However, when one begins to take a closer look at the area - its location, its buildings, its people - all of which have moulded the Heavitree that we know today, there is a vast array of history just waiting to be explored and investigated.

A quick stroll along the main shopping street and the roads in the immediate vicinity begins to reveal much about the area's past and its people. Within just a few hundred metres there is a eclectic mixture of buildings - housing at Salutary Mount once owned by upper middle-class citizens; a number of much humbler almshouses and dwellings in narrow streets; several historic public houses; the parish church of St Michael and All Angels; the much smaller Chapel of St Clare at Livery Dole; the ever-popular Heavitree Pleasure Ground; even a long-disused horse trough. All of these are still very much visible today, but there is so much more, no longer in existence, that can be uncovered without too much time and effort.